Residential & Domestic House Cleaning in Dublin

Residential or domestic cleaning can be categorised into either a standard clean or a deep clean, depending on the amount of detail required by the client. However, whenever we start a cleaning we always begin with the kitchens and bathrooms. 

We scrub down bathtubs, sinks, toilets and surfaces, but in a deep clean it’s more detailed. In a kitchen we wipe the surfaces and sinks, doing the insides of cupboards if it’s a deep clean and an oven is done if the client requests it.

Next we do the rooms like bedrooms, living room etc. We wipe all surfaces (more detailed if it’s a deep clean), we hoover the floors and cobwebs and later mop everything down.

We dust everything. If the client requests it, additionally we make their bed and cleaning the windows (inside and out) in the house.

After the cleaning is competed we go over a checklist that helps us provide the most effective and professional residential and domestic cleaning.

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